The advantages of WPE®

The WPE® procedure constitutes a major breakthrough in the field of polysensorial products: smell, taste, touch, sight.

Indeed, the latest tests carried out with the WPE® procedure have proven the emulsifier's performance in the following fields:

  • Alcohol-free perfumes: Improved tenacity of the perfume, excellent shelf-life , milky appearance, total and rapid penetration into the upper layer of the epidermis.
  • Dietary supplements: absorption of oleaginous compositions in beverages
  • Beauty and wellness products: Ultrafine droplets for atomisers and sprays.
  • Products used inaromatherapy, thalassotherapy and spas. Essential oils added to bathwater and massage products or diffused into the air create a relaxing and fragrant atmosphere that procures a sensation of well-being.

The WPE® procedure allows the current demand for natural and innovative products to be met whilst maintaining the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

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