The WPE® Procedure

In partnership with an engineer (an Ecole Centrale graduate), the AR2i laboratory hasdeveloped a new procedure for the manufacture of aqueous emulsions using vegetable oils, perfume compositions and cosmetic or food formulations..

What is the WPE® procedure?

An emulsion is a homogeneous mix of two, immiscible liquid substances (i.e. that do not normally mix) such as water and oil. One substance is dispersed in the other in the form of small droplets. The mixture remains stable by means of a third, "emulsifying" ingredient.

WPE® or Water Plant Emulsion is a procedure that uses an emulsifying mixture with 100% natural ingredients, enabling an emulsion with exceptional properties to be obtained

Its fluidity allows for ease of application, thanks to its non-viscousandnon-sticky properties

The fineness of the mixture obtained with the WPE® procedure increases the effectiveness of the active ingredients since they are more homogeneously distributed throughout the product.

All of WPE®'s components are listed in the inventory of cosmetic ingredients. They are also used in foodstuffs.

The WPE® procedure has INCI and IUPAC names, as well as CAS and EINECS/ELINCS numbers.

Furthermore, the WPE® procedure can be used in the manufacture of organic cosmetic products.