Colour developing chamber for Thin Layer Chromatography Optimal development of your TLC plates

As easy to use as opening and closing a book, the Derivapress® immersion-based development system provides a high-performance, safe and economic alternative for perfecting this essential step in Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and for moving towards quantitative and semi-quantitative TLC.


Key functions 

  • Homogeneous and clear development of all TLC plates
  • Plate completely processed in 3 seconds
  • Optimal reproducibility before digitising and classifying your TLC analyses
  • The Derivamouss® transfer pad is reusable depending on the nature of the reagent
  • Healthy and clean working environment: no spillage and no dangerous safeguards or toxic fumes


  • Compliant with GLP and the European Pharmacopeia 2.2.27
    (immersion-based development system)
  • Can be used under test conditions
Reference Product   


Max. dimensions
of TLC plate

0220 Derivapress®
 28,5 x 25  20 x 20 2,4 kg 
0320   Derivapress®
21,5 x 19  10 x 10  1,2 kg



Is Derivapress® compatible with acidic reagents?
Derivapress® can be used with all types of aqueous or acidic reagents. The life span depends on the aggressiveness of the reagent

Is there any risk of contamination between the plates and the Derivamouss® transfer pad?
The risks are limited. Derivamouss®, the reagent's transfer pad, is made from material that is adapted to this use. There is therefore no risk of contamination between the plate and the transfer pad.

When the reagent is applied to the plate using Derivapress® , the silica layer appears to deteriorate. Why?
This is not the case. The layer is completely soaked which makes it translucent. The advantage is a more sensitive development.

Is Derivapress® compatible with the European Pharmacopeia?
Yes. It complies with the European Pharmacopeia 7th edition 2.2.27: immersion-based developing device. It is described in a report by the SFSTP (French Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences and Techniques)

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