Gélix One® software

Intuitive, rapid and easy to use – in a few clicks. Obtain the proportions of your separated components using the Gélix One® solution:

  • Quantitative analysis of TLC plates within a few minutes
  • Quantifications using earlier TLC plates saved as Jpeg, Tiff or Bitmap formats
  • Automatically detect and compare three-dimensional chromatograms
  • Draw graphs and archive your plates
  • Export the data to calculation software such as Excel
  • Print your graphs, plates and spreadsheets

Applications that correspond to your projects:

  • Create projects using several images (tiff, jpeg and bmp)
  • Compare the results of other plate analyses using graphs
  • Apply filters to your images based on advanced algorithms
  • Automatically detect spots
  • Automatically quantify spots
  • Increase the contrast of your images
  • Display the detected spots with their corresponding results using dynamic tables and graphs
  • Standardise quantification results to enable cross-comparisons between plates
  • Create series of spots and organise them according to your specific needs

Reference Product Dimensions
Max. dimensions of TLC plates Weight


with Gelix One® software

 480 x 290 x 50 20 x 20  2,4 kg
3301 Gelix One® software only  _ _ _


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