Quality control

Types of analysis performed:

  • Identification of raw materials (active ingredients, preservatives, excipients)
  • Assay of raw materials
  • Impurities testing and assay
    • Related substances testing and assay
    • UV and visible light absorbance analysis
    • Heavy metal limit testing
    • Assay of metals by atomic absorption spectrophotometry
    • Container-content interaction study (PP, PE and PET)
    • In vitro dissolution testing
    • Water content (Kart Fisher)
    • Potentiometric titrations
    • Osmometry
    • Ionometry
    • Identification and characterisation of lipid classes on skin smears

No analysis can be performed without an analysis protocol.

Please contact us before sending your samples in order to confirm the feasibility of your analysis by our laboratory, define a time frame and determine the number of samples required.


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