Our human and technical resources:

  • A fluid administrative organisation
  • Symbiosis between the skills and experience of the technicians, chemical engineers and doctors in chemistry and pharmacy
  • A total of 800 m² of laboratory space and numerous analytical techniques

List of equipment:
In order to best meet the requirements of our clients, the laboratory is fully fitted out with high-performance equipment and security devices. The performance of this material is regularly qualified by our in-house team or by the manufacturers themselves.

List of available equipment/techniques:

  • High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  • Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC)
  • Gas Chromatography (GC)
  • Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)
  • Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)
  • Digital dispenser running on compressed air (TLC)
  • Densitometer (TLC)
  • Scanner for quantitative and qualitative UV/visible light analysis (TLC)
  • Infrared Spectrophotometer (IR)
  • UV/visible Spectrophotometer
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)
  • In vitro dissolution systems (6 vessel)
  • Disintegrator
  • Hardness test
  • Friability test
  • Viscosity measurement
  • Osmolality measurement
  • Kart Fisher Titroline
  • Acid-base and Redox Titroline titrators
  • Ionometry
  • Microscopy

Other equipment:

  • ICH-compliant climate chambers with monitoring systems
  • Refrigerator and freezer (+4cC and -20°C)
  • Fume cupboards
  • Glassware washer


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